Bumper season sparks tree seed germination
Group: Maynard

Recently Landcare recorded the first incidence of the regeneration of tree and shrub species from seed over the last 8 years of Landcare activity. At Maynard Park a number of Whitewood (Atalaya hemiglauca) germinants have been found, as well as an unknown Acacia, likely to be Witchetty Bush (Acacia kempeana). Several Desert Cassia (Senna artemisiodes subsp artemisioides) have also regenerated from seed over recent months.

 Meanwhile at Dixon Rd Community Park six Corkwood (Hakea divaricata) seedlings have recently emerged. It is difficult to determine if they are growing from seed or from the roots of existing trees, but nevertheless it indicates that this is indeed an exceptional season. The last season that brought about the regeneration of tree species reputably occurred in the 1970’s. If regeneration events occur so rarely then it reinforces the value of looking after the existing trees in the landscape.

 Alice Springs Landcare hosts bush regeneration days at Maynard Park every 2nd Saturday of the month, from 8:30 -10am. Upcoming field days are on April 9th and May 14th.