Cactus Muster
Group: Old Data | Spencer

Upcoming Field Days:


Meet at Gosse Street Park at 8.30am – (finish approx 11am)

Boxing-glove Cactus (Cylindropuntia fulgida) has infested part of the Telegraph Station Reserve and is also found in Spencer Valley.
In partnership with Parks and Wildlife staff, ASL is holding a Cactus Muster in the ASTS Reserve, on the morning of Sunday the 31st of October.
This cactus species has colonised a section of the rocky hills and is slowly spreading. Boxing-glove Cactus does not flower or set seed in central Australia, but spreads vegetatively by shedding small branchlets which take root and form new plants.

Please come along and help. There will also be the opportunity to observe wildlife and plants and talk to Tim Collins, Park Rangers and other Landcarers about the fauna and flora of central Australia.