Caring for Kurrajong
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I look after a small area near the bus stop on east side of Kurrajong Drive. I started clearing Buffel around cork woods, Supplejack and iron woods about 8 years ago because they’d been through a recent fire and survived, but just. I started clearing away Buffel from around the trees to give them a better chance in the next fire.  

After the start of the big November rains 2021, I pulled out young Buffel that had germinated. After the ground dried out and pulling became hard I’ve sprayed with Round up.  Every week there’s been new Buffel plants to pull out or spray, but I’ve also had time to start extending the Buffel free area, joining up between individual trees.  Loads of native grasses now dominate the areas I’ve cleared of Buffel. It’s such a delight, enjoying the reward from just a few hours work.  But the ‘wall’ of Buffel is always ready to reclaim these lovely places. 


This mulga is one of only a few remaining in this part of Kurrajong Hills
Corkwood and native grass
Supplejack and oat grass