Spencer Valley

Alice Springs Landcare is committed to the long-term rehabilitation of Spencer Valley. Spencer Valley Landcare volunteers work to protect and restore the natural environment.

Spencer Valley gets bigger

Only partly due to erosion, mainly due to the efforts of Sue, Rosalie, Shrike, Toni etc keeping at it and opening up a good swathe of land that is now much less likely to burn

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Field day a great success

Big thanks for coming to our recent Field Day! We had a massive Buffel Bust in Spencer Valley, with over 20 people, a lovely mix of experienced and new volunteers. Such beautiful weather for it, no flies, and yummy food to eat too!! My expectations were exceeded...

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Spencer Valley Field Day

Alice Springs Landcare will be hosting a Buffel Grass control field day in Spencer Valley on Sunday 29th April. Buffel control activities will commence at 7:30am, and will involve revisiting a previously treated sites to knock down buffel that was sprayed over the...

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