River red gums get much needed attention
Group: Town Todd

Two working bees over the last month have addressed the issue of buffel grass around river reds and other native vegetation. The first, on the last Sunday of August, concentrated on a patch around the mouth of the Burke St drain to Schwarz Crs on the eastern bank. Thanks to those who attended and contributed to the 35 plus volunteer hours that helped to reduce the potential impact of fires on these trees. Working in the area revealed the presence of other valuable trees, namely a patch of native orange (Capparis mitchellii), a tree that also suffers from hot frequent fires.

Mid-September saw a working bee in the Todd from the Olive Pink Botanic Garden side gate to just south of Tunks Rd. This event was organised by Olive Pink Botanic Garden staff who have organised a landcare group for that section of the river.

This expansion of the core management area between Wills Tce and Stott Tce comes at a time when the agencies involved in management of the rivers are once again focussed on how to better protect the natural and cultural values embedded in the landscape.